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Immunity Set

Your immune system works non-stop to protect you from unwanted intruders. If your body can no longer defend itself adequately, you may become more susceptible to diseases. 

A healthy diet can have a positive impact on your immune system - superfoods can help! This set contains four of our most popular mixes that are loaded with nutrients that can support your immune system.

The set includes:

    • 1 Super Green Mix in original size 
    • 1 Forever Beautiful Mix in original size
    • 1 Mellow Yellow Mix in original size 
    • 1 original size Magic Mushroom Mix 

You will also receive a digital copy of Daily Super Smoothies (worth € 29.90) with over 25 recipes. PLUS get the daily superfood routine from Kristel & Michael. Our Immunity Set is worth more than € 149, but you can get it for as little as € 119.90! Our 30-day money back guarantee is included!

Strengthen your immune system
for years

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